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What is Vertequip about?


About Us


VERTEQUIP (Vertical Equipments) was created with the sole purpose of developing parts and equipments necessary to the sectors of construction, industry, renewable energies, services and maintenance for vertical structures. Our mission is "to develop simple and effective equipments that are able to increase safety and productivity in works at heights."
Vertequip was originated from TRAVER , a company that perform works at heights for more then 10 years, with the aim of creating new solutions for these works. The company should be based on three pillars: safety, productivity and innovation. These three characteristics would necessarily be united towards a single purpose: to create something new, unique and easy to use.
One of our main concerns is modern equipment, products and environmentally friendly materials to build our products. Thus, social commitment has always been present in our decisins. The conception of our products should allow people with physical disabilities to be included in the largest field of activity worldwide, the construction sector. Not only the field that hires most people in the world, but also the one that most "kills" and hurts its workers. For this, and returning to the pillars of Vertequip, we want to create a product that is extremely safe, productive and innovative: "S.T.E.P." was born.
But "S.T.E.P." is not the only product of VERTEQUIP. An entire range of accessories and upgrades are constantly created in order to transform not only the "S.T.E.P." but also a series of equipment designed to work at heights, in something practical and simple to use. Products such as the TESTER that facilitate the instalation of safety life and allow higher reliability on our equipments are created every day by our engineers. Nothing can be forgotten or overlooked in favor of safety.
VERTEQUIP is a dynamic company, young and with enormous talent to change what is around, and turn it into something as simple as possible. It is a company focused on the future, thinking beyond its time. It is a company with dynamism, agility and committed to its principles to transform our world into a better place. We are committed to our clients and provide them with something that only we can do.


Information and documents

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  • Intructions and assembly manuals

Innovative solutions

  • Innovative technologies
  • Patent protection
  • Creative I&D team

We love what we do

  • Products carefully developed
  • Create the best solutions
  • Our teams love what they do

Time is essential

  • Reducing time in operations
  • Deliver our orders always on time
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How we work

Simple processes that reduce costs and time of works in heights.

With more then 10 years of experience in vertical works we understand the sector and challenge ourselves to improve its technology everyday.

Technologies that improve the comfort of the workers.

Vertical works require trained professional that understand the risks and safety procedures, and use technologies to facilitates that.

Expanding the possibilities of verticals works with other activities.

Our elevation and translation systems allow lifting persons as well as other loads, expanding its utilization.

Ppersons are in the center of every product we develop.

Safety and simplicity of use are the core values of our product development, assuring that anyone enjoys using our systems.